Open a book this minute and start reading. Don’t move until you’ve reached page fifty. Until you’ve buried your thoughts in print. Cover yourself with words. Wash yourself away. Dissolve. Carol Shields Republic of Love

Books Discussed V-Z

Van Camp, Richard Godless but Loyal to Heaven (2012)
Van Horne, Janice A Complicated Marriage (2013)
Vanderhaeghe, Guy A Good Man (2011)
Vassanji, M.G. The Book of Secrets (1993)
Verne, Jules Around the World in 80 Days (1873) Trans. Barbara Brister, French
Vida, Vendela The Lovers (2010)
Viorst, Judith It’s Hard to Be Hip Over Thirty and Other Tragedies of Married Life (1968)
Vonarberg, Elizabeth Reluctant Voyagers (1995) Trans. from the French, Jane Brierley
Vyleta, Dan The Quiet Twin (2011); The Crooked Maid (2013)

Walker, Alice The Color Purple (1983); You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down (1981)
Wangersky, Russell Whirl Away (2011)
Ward, Jesmyn Salvage the Bones (2011)
Ward, Katie Girl Reading (2012)
Waters, Sarah The Little Stranger (2009)
Waterston, Elizabeth The Magic Island (2008)
Watson, S.J. Before I Go to Sleep (2011)
Wayne, Teddy The Love Song of Jonny Valentine (2013)
Wedge, Marilyn Pills Are Not for Pre-Schoolers (2011)
Werris, Wendy An Alphabetical Life: Living it Up in the World of Books (2006)
West, Dorothy The Wedding (1995)
West, Nathanael Miss Lonelyhearts (1933)
Wharton, Edith The Custom of the Country (1913)
Wharton, Thomas Icefields (1995)
Wiebe, Catherine M.A. Second Rising (1984)
Wilhelm, Kate Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang (1976)
Wilkerson, Isabel The Warmth of Other Suns (2010)
Williams, Ian You Know Who You Are (2010)
Williamson, Ronald F. Toronto (2008)
Willingham, Bill Fables Volume  Two (2003) and Three
Wilson,Ethel Equations of Love (1952); Hetty Dorval (1947); The Innocent Traveller(1949); Love and Salt Water (1956); Mrs. Golightly and Other Stories (1961); Stories, Essays and Letters (Ed. David Stouck, 1987); Swamp Angel (1954)
Winter, Kathleen Annabel (2010)
Winter, Michael One Last Good Look (1999); This All Happened: A Fictional Memoir (2000); Minister Without Portfolio (2013)
Wiwa, Ken In the Shadow of a Saint (2000)
Wolff-Monckeberg, Mathilde On the Other Side: Letters to My Children from Germany
Persephone No.75 (1979)
Wood, Lucy Diving Belles (2012)
Wright, Alexis Carpentaria (2006)
Wright, Richard B. Mr Shakespeare’s Bastard (2010)

Xiques, Donez Margaret Laurence: The Making of a Writer (2005)

Yi, Nu Nu Smile as they Bow (2008) Trans. Alfred Birnbaum and Thi Thi Aye (2008)
York, Alissa Fauna (2010)
Yoshimoto, Banana Hardboiled and Hard Luck (1999; Trans. Michael Emmerich, Japanese, 2010); The Lake (2005; Trans. Michael Emmerich, 2011)
Zentner, Alexi Touch (2011)
Ziegelman, Jane 97 Orchard (2009)
Živković, Zoran Impossible Encounters: A Mosaic Novel (2000) Trans. Alice Copple-Tošić, Serbian (2008)


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