MRE Authors:
Must-Read-Everything they’ve written: cuz not much is better than being Buried In that Print.
Currently MREing Alice Munro one story after the next, starting here and, more recently, the stories in Runaway.

One Book, One Weekend:
A pre-planned series of live-updates, within a single post, chronicling the reading of a single text, beginning with Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood, in anticipation of the autumn 2013 release of Maddaddam.

Readers Wanted:

Imaginary job-postings for books: would you be happily Buried In their Print? (These snippets also make appearances on my GoodReads and LibraryThing notes.)

Reading Companions: 
Just finished Pauline Holdstock’s Into the Heart of the Country and crave something like-it but not-like-it? I’ve been deliberately reading in bunches since 2003. You, too, can be Buried In more Print.

Spelling It Out:
From Favourite Authors. (Like this one, and more recently, this one.) To Obsessive prize-listing and literary festival reading.
Maybe I’m actually Buried In Letters?

Friday Fugues:
Variations on a theme, like an extended visit with reading companions: 2010 saw a chunk of Fridays (beginning in May and stretching through September) devoted to Bookish Books, and 2011 sees a series of Fridays (beginning in September and stretching through December) to Epistolary Works. The latest Friday Fugue: A Fainter Footprint, lightening our impact on the Earth, beginning here.

To Tell the Truth:
Mostly I’m Buried In Fiction, but this feature (launched December 2010) follows my fledgling enthusiam for being Buried In Non-fiction Print. Here’s a sample from summer 2013.

B.I.P.’s Snips:
In which I shorten the bookchat and lengthen the reading time (launched June 2011) , so that I can be Buried In even more Print.

Drawing Conclusions
Focusing on graphic works, which I also sometimes include with other bookchat. An early example resides here.

Now Underway, but not online: Reading at Random. Coming soon!