Mini Update Sticky Post: February 18, 2019
I’ve got a small stack of Octavia Butler to read, some rereading (the volumes in the Xenogenesis trilogy) and some new reading (the Earthseed pair). And I’m enjoying Andrew Miller’s Now We Shall Be Entirely Free (which was a slow starter for me, but now is mesmerizing). Also, a volume of poetry by Ann Shin (an acclaimed director too). And Mary Hocking’s Welcome Strangers (the third in the Daughters trilogy). And in my Joan Aiken rereading/reading project, I’ve moved on from The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, into The Night Birds of Nantucket.

So many books to talk about! Including what’s currently in my bookbag and current projects.

Reading Louise Erdrich: fiction and non-fiction. (Next: Home of the Future Living God.)

Reading Mavis Gallant, one story at a time: Home Truths, running from February through April, moving past the halfway mark in her oeuvre.

Exploring my grandmother’s copies of Mazo de la Roche’s Jalna stories. (I’ve finished reading the 16th and final volume.)

How about you: what are you reading these days, and what are you looking forward to reading soon?

(First time here? Please don’t be shy: there’s no such thing as too much bookchat! Please leave a comment, say hello, talk books!)