Mini Update Sticky Post: June 19, 2019

Sampling accomplished indigenous writers throughout June (currently Lindsay Nixon and Arielle Twist).

In my Quebecois stack, I’ve just finished Roch Carrier’s La Guerre Trilogy (in translation by Sheila Fischman) and I’m choosing a contemporary novel next, Mikella Nicol’s Aphelia (in translation by Lesley Trites).

I’ve just finished Alaa Al Aswany’s The Yacoubian Building (in translation by Humphrey Davies) and Marcelo Figueras’ Kamchatka (in translation by Frank Wynne). Now I’m taking the elevator to Eshkol Nevo’s Three Floors Up (in translation by Sondra Silverston).

So many books to talk about! Including what’s currently in my bookbag, notebook, stacks and reading log.

Reading Mavis Gallant, one story at a time, resuming this month with Overhead in a Balloon.

How about you: what are you reading these days, and what are you looking forward to reading soon?

(First time here? Please don’t be shy: there’s no such thing as too much bookchat! Please leave a comment, say hello, talk books!)