February 2016, In My Stacks


It's a bright sunny day, when I snap this photo. I'm even more optimistic when I think of a month's reading, when the sun shines. More hours with good reading light. And, in February. What could be better. You can see the sheen of it in the image, the veil

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Margaret Atwood Recommends: Doctor Glas


Random House, 1991 Hjalmar Söderberg's Doctor Glas (1905) Trans. Paul Britten Austin Intro. Margaret Atwood  Readers are introduced to Doctor Glas via his diary, with his chatter about the weather. From its opening sentences, you'd never guess at the controversy incited by this novel. It's June 12th. There's

Margaret Atwood Recommends: Doctor Glas2014-07-11T17:11:01-05:00
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