Winter 2020: In My Reading Log (Part Two)


While I put the finishing touches on the pie-charts and calculations from 2020’s reading log, there are just a couple other books to talk about that I read (mostly) over the holiday break. Ruth Gilligan’s The Butchers’ Blessing (2020) is praised by two writers who snag my attention: Colum

Winter 2020: In My Reading Log (Part Two)2021-01-06T15:14:40-05:00

Dear Daddy Long Legs (1912)


November is the perfect time to re-read old favourites, so when Olduvai reminded me that Jean Webster's novel would fit perfectly into my epistolary Fridays, it wasn't long before I was re-reading. I first read this book the summer that I was eleven, the first summer in which I was

Dear Daddy Long Legs (1912)2014-03-15T16:52:39-05:00
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