Winter 2020: In My Reading Log (Part One)


Before I post about the new reading year, there are a few memorable reads from my 2020 log that I haven’t mentioned yet. Like Pourin’ Down Rain, Cheryl Foggo's memoir about growing up in 1960s Calgary, in a small and tight-knit Black community. When she was young, she heard

Winter 2020: In My Reading Log (Part One)2021-01-06T14:29:55-05:00

Cicely Hamilton’s William (1919)


Cicely Hamilton's William: An Englishman Persephone No. 1 (1919) Persephone Books, 1999 When I finish my current Persephone read, Monica Dickens' Mariana, I'll have read one-fifth of their books, but it was the announcement of their Forum's launch that took me to the first of their publications. My orderly nature

Cicely Hamilton’s William (1919)2014-03-09T15:51:46-05:00
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