Winter 2019: In My Reading Log


There’s a shadow over Cherie Dimaline’s latest novel, Empire of Wild (2019). Part of it could appear in a history text: “In the church and at his Catholic day school, the priests called seven the age of reason. Moshom called it the age of learning how the hell to

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My girlhood friend, Sheila, and the assigned reading she hated


When I was attending elementary school in an extremely small south-western Ontario town, my friend Sheila transferred to a slightly-larger-but-still-small town in south-western Ontario for the eighth grade. Her sister was attending high school in that town and somehow this made it possible for Sheila to escape. Neither of

My girlhood friend, Sheila, and the assigned reading she hated2018-12-18T15:34:11-05:00

Sigrid Undset’s Kristin Lavransdatter (1920-22)


Acts of violence and devotion, rape and worship, funerals and betrothals, love-scenes and convent-life, adultery and illness: this medieval saga has so many facets to it that I was not expecting. Not the least of which being that it gripped my attention more tightly than any of the contemporary novels

Sigrid Undset’s Kristin Lavransdatter (1920-22)2014-03-17T15:33:26-05:00

Agnes Jekyll’s Kitchen Essays (1922): Persephone No. 30


Agnes Jekyll’s Kitchen Essays (1922) Persephone No. 30 Persephone Books, 2001 Agnes Jekyll explains in her introduction to Kitchen Essays that these pieces have been published in book form as a result of readers of The Times having requested such a ready reference. These traditional recipes and rituals straddle nostalgia and practicality,

Agnes Jekyll’s Kitchen Essays (1922): Persephone No. 302014-03-11T20:35:35-05:00
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