Autumn 2018: In My Reading Log


Elisabeth Sanxay Holding’s The Blank Wall (1947) “It was a mystery story she had got out of the lending library for her father, and she was not fond of mystery stories. Nobody in them ever seems to feel sorry about murders, she had said.” How unfortunate that Lucia is

Autumn 2018: In My Reading Log2018-12-06T10:42:54-05:00

Ethel Wilson’s Hetty Dorval (1947)


It's still early, the winter morning that I begin reading Hetty Dorval, and the train is leaving the station hesitatingly, in the dark and snowless cold. I have my other book in my lap, my fun read, the sort of read that will be perfectly absorbing even after the bulk

Ethel Wilson’s Hetty Dorval (1947)2014-02-27T15:25:14-05:00
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