Mazo de la Roche’s Renny’s Daughter (1951)


Story-wise, this is the fourteenth volume in the Jalna series, and the house is about a hundred years old. There is time to reflect here, so that when a new character, like Humphrey Bell, is introduced, readers are reminded of all the other characters who have lived in his

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Mavis Gallant’s “Madeline’s Bithday” (1951)


In “Madeline’s Birthday”, the sadness slips to the background, like it does in an Elizabeth Taylor story, with a hint of darkness besides. Madeline is a guest in the Tracy family’s summer home, and her seventeenth birthday affects every resident. Readers briefly inhabit the perspective of most inhabitants (even

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In My Reading Log


At the beginning of March, I was determined to keep my nose in a stack of backlisted books. Books like these are the kind that to keep my focus on my own shelves in this reading year. Chad Pelley’s Every Little Thing (2013) “Every day, every hour, really, it was a

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Olly Olly Oxen Free: Elizabeth Taylor May Read-a-long


The Elizabeth Taylor Centenary has celebrated four novels this year, so far. May marks our reading of A Game of Hide and Seek. Who's in? Published in 1951 in England, Elizabeth Bowen's review of the novel reads like this: "Two masterpiece love stories in our language, Persuasion and Wuthering Heights,

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Sydney Taylor’s All-of-a-Kind Family (1951)


Sydney Taylor's All-of-a-Kind Family (1951) Random House-Yearling, 1989. (Actually, Delacorte's 1995 cover image shown.) If you'd been at the library on the day that the girls went in the book's opening scene, you could've been introduced to them along with Miss Allen, the pretty new librarian. There's Ella, the oldest,

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