Québecois Reads: Sealing the Deal


The title of Pasha Malla’s 2015 article in The New Yorker’s Page-Turner says it all: “Too Different and Too Familiar: The Challenge of French-Canadian Literature.” Because it is a challenge to locate French-Canadian literature within the landscape of Canadian Literature, even for those of us who devote a significant

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Mavis Gallant’s “One Morning in June” (1952)


In another collection, this story is called "One Morning in May", and I wonder if anyone thought about renaming it "The Other Menton". For as surely as the title story takes a young woman's expectations of Paris and examines how they conflict with her real experience of the city, this

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Mavis Gallant’s “The Picnic” (1952)


The weight of the brooch pulls the fabric of young Margaret Marshall's picnic frock. It always hangs just fine off her navy blue shorts, but the light-weight dress doesn't provide a suitable backdrop. How disappointing for young Margaret, who so treasures this gift from Madame Pégorin, the photo of the woman's beloved

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Margaret Millar’s Vanish in an Instant (1952; 2016)


Margaret Millar's mysteries are being brought back into print by Soho Syndicate. The Master at Her Zenith volume is comprised of five of her well-known books, including the Edgar-winning Beast in View. Throughout, her interest in psychology is evident. Both she and her characters are fascinated by detail. And the

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Daphne duMaurier’s The Birds


Daphne Du Maurier's The Birds (1952) Arrow Books, 1992 Virago Modern Classic No. 498 My favourite story from this collection is "The Apple Tree". Partly because I've long believed that there is more to a tree than one might think, thanks to years of reading L.M. Montgomery's novels, in which

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