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The majority of my reading time this year has been devoted to the books which have been living for years, though neglected, on my own bookshelves. In May and June, I had a planned rebellion, and I enjoyed a great number of new books. But now I have returned to

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Sweet and Swedish


1961; Dell Publishing, 1975 Maria Gripe's trilogy is just charming. Josephine chooses her own name because the name Anna Grå is too big for her, like a pair of shoes that she needs to grow into. She is six years old. Her blue sweater is getting too small but

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Mary Norton’s The Borrowers Aloft (1961)


Mary Norton's The Borrowers Aloft (1961) Illus. Beth and Joe Krush Harcourt Inc, 1998 There is no sign of Mrs. May in the fourth volume of Mary Norton's series about the Clock family. Instead, the story introduces us to Mr. Pott, an old railway man who has lost a leg

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Charmed by Mrs. Golightly


Ethel Wilson's Mrs. Golightly and Other Stories (Macmillan, 1961) One thing I regretted about February's reading was my having neglected to include a short story and in March I've been neglecting the books on my own shelves (in favour of newer, shinier books from the library). So before someone calls

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