Margery Sharp’s The Rescuers Series (1959-1979): Part Two


After another successful mission, and much celebration, the talented writer Miss Bianca resigns from her public post in the Mouse Prisoners’ Aid Society to devote herself to finishing a book of poetry. The P.A.S. throws a water-picnic to celebrate and there is a brass band and dancing.But, while she

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Mavis Gallant’s “In the Tunnel” (1970)


Having had such a difficult relationship with her mother, Mavis Gallant must have hoped for more from her father. But think of the separateness of the child and father in “Wing’s Chips” (a story with outward similarities to some of Gallant’s childhood experiences). And the outright conflict in “The Rejection”. She

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Mavis Gallant’s “New Year’s Eve” (1970)


Amabel is just a few years older than young Shirley, who lost her young husband Pete when they were newlyweds in “The Accident”; barely married, not yet disappointed. Had Amabel and Shirley been friends, able to discuss their brief experiences of married life, I wonder how their opinions might

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Margaret Millar’s Beyond This Point Are Monsters (1970; 2016)


Many of Margaret Millar's characters have had an escape, often in the face of difficulty. Robert has achieved the ultimate escape - he has disappeared - and readers wonder whether that was deliberate or accidental, malicious or ambitious. "The world of Robert’s maps was nice and flat and simple. It

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MRE Authors: Penelope Lively and Toni Morrison


Because I love making reading lists almost as much as I love reading the books that I add to them, I have big plans for my MustReadEverything Reading Projects, but then there are dozens of other books that I also want to read. This year so far, I have reread seven

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