A Celebration of Bessie Head: Maru (1971)


1971; Heinemann, 1995 Officially joining Kinna in A Celebration of Bessie Head July 6 - 12, 2013? ImageNations and Mary Okeke Reviews. And, unofficially, plenty more readers. Readers meet Maru in the novel's opening pages, but I love this description which comes later: "He was a man who talked and walked slowly, with

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Monica Dickens: World’s End Series


I borrowed books in this series repeatedly as a girl. I knew exactly which shelves they were on. If that old library was still operational, I think I could find them in an instant. What I wasn't so sure of, was whether I would enjoy the stories as much as

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Caves paved with linoleum


Remember those book banners whose knickers were all twisted up over this collection? I bet this week’s stories, “Baptizing” and “Epilogue: The Photographer”, really got them going. Del has ::whispers:: met a boy. She’s still sorting out what that means. She’s still unsure what it means to be a boy.

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Lives of Girls and Women (1971) III


Blindfolded, only hearing the prose, or seeing the opening lines pulled from the narrative, would you recognize these stories to be the work of Alice Munro based on the first few sentences alone? The opening of “Changes and Ceremonies”: Boys’ hate was dangerous, it was keen and bright, a miraculous

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Lives of Girls and Women (1971) II


When I was browsing the library stacks the other day, looking for the next volume in Maya Angelou’s autobiography, I happened upon this: JoAnn McCaig’s Reading In: Alice Munro’s Archives. And isn’t that just how it happens? How stacks of library books get out of hand? But how could I

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