Here and Elsewhere: Marrakech


When I invited my desk calendar to influence my reading plans, I was hoping to explore a city like this. Previously I could not have named a single Moroccan author—now there are several on my TBR list—and from the moment my research began, my starting point was clear. Tahar

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Mavis Gallant’s “From Cloud to Cloud” (1985)


Having published one hundred and sixteen stories in The New Yorker, Mavis Gallant’s regular readers would have had to wait from April 15 until July 8 in 1985, to learn how life has been for the Carette sisters. The story opens like this: “The family’s experience of Raymond was

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Mavis Gallant’s “The Chosen Husband” (1985)


In the previous story, Berthe and Marie were six and four years old, but now they are twenty-two and twenty, when the Carette family is moving house once again. Having moved around the same neighbourhood every few seasons, they and their mother are signing a two-year lease for the

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Moving from The Handmaid’s Tale to The Testaments #MARM


There are three things that I noticed in this rereading of The Handmaid’s Tale. The use of time in the narrative. The importance of what is not said. The matter of world-building and perspective. In all three, readers are wholly engaged. Engaged in the use of time, in the

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Still Thinking about The Handmaid’s Tale #MARM


We’re more than halfway through the month of #MARM and today is Margaret Atwood’s 80th birthday. Naomi and I are supposed to be deep into discussions about The Handmaid’s Tale and The Testaments (her spoiler-free launch of The Ts discussion is here). But I’ve still got my head in

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