Australian Women Writers Challenge 2018


"The AWW challenge was set up to help overcome gender bias in the reviewing of books by Australian women. The challenge encourages avid readers and book bloggers, male and female, living in or outside Australia, to read and review books by Australian women throughout the year. You don’t have

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Beyond I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969)


The first volume of Maya Angelou's autobiography begins with Marguerite arriving in Stamps, Arkansas, at three years old, with her brother, Bailey, one year older, in the care of Miss. Annie Henderson, their grandmother ("Momma"). It moves from the store to the churchyard, from hymn-singing to beatings. It crosses time and space fluidly.

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Summer 2015, In My Bookbag


Tomorrow, I will be on the move. So many of the books currently occupying a position in my stacks are bulky and heavy, that it was easy to choose amongst the skinny residents. I have one more story to read in Gabrielle Roy's The Road Past Altamont. There are only three in

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“White Dump” Alice Munro


A few pages from the end of "White Dump", just when the reader is wondering when the story's title will be explained, Alice Munro offers it up, having anticipated the reader's every twitch. It's worth the wait, so it mustn't be spoiled, but you will have understood one aspect of its

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“Circle of Prayer” Alice Munro


I sat with this story for a good while. I re-read it. More than once. Let it sink in as familiar. I leafed through it on other occasions, when I was between tasks at my desk. I randomly picked out passages and murmured them aloud. I sat and stared out

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