Slavery: Past and Present #280898 Reasons (1 of 4)


In the past few weeks, I’ve read a few books for this reading project; at this rate, I will easily read the 32 books I’m aiming for (representing the percentage of people in one American state, who voted in November 2020 on a bill which maintained the legal option to

Slavery: Past and Present #280898 Reasons (1 of 4)2021-02-01T17:25:23-05:00

Thirteen Canadian Books via The Book Mine Set


The Canadian Book Challenge was one of the first community reading events/challenges that I joined online. For ten years it was hosted by The Book Mine Set, then The Indextrious Reader hosted for the past two years and, now, the baton has been passed to Canadian Bookworm, who will

Thirteen Canadian Books via The Book Mine Set2019-06-28T15:31:09-05:00

IFMK: Teju Cole and Michael Ondaatje


It occurs to me that I should have a series of posts titled "I Forgot My Key". Because what that inevitably means is that I must find a warm or cool place to wait until Mister BIP is due home. Which translates into an impromptu library visit. For the past

IFMK: Teju Cole and Michael Ondaatje2017-08-11T13:51:53-05:00

A Really Good Brown Girl: Marilyn Dumont


First published in 1996, Marilyn Dumont's debut - A Really Good Brown Girl - was reprinted thirteen times and later republished as part of Brick Books' classic series in 2013. In Lee Maracle's  introduction, she talks about keeping a worn copy next to her bed, taking good care of it. Like

A Really Good Brown Girl: Marilyn Dumont2019-03-26T08:36:07-05:00

November 2016, In My Bookbag


In which I discuss some of the skinny volumes which have kept me company while on the move, while heavier volumes (like Steven Price's By Gaslight and Ami McKay's The Witches of New York) stayed home. The Selected Poetry of Ryszard Kapuściński is the first in the International Translation Series

November 2016, In My Bookbag2017-07-24T14:30:45-05:00
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