My mini-Canlit-read-a-thon on Canada Day, 2014 (I)


Sometimes a stack of reading goes stale. For no good reason. You know what I mean. Maybe you're just bored with the covers. Or you've been teasing the books along with a page here and there, when they needed some quality one-on-one time. That's where I was with my stack,

My mini-Canlit-read-a-thon on Canada Day, 2014 (I)2014-08-15T06:53:27-05:00

Graeme Gibson’s Five Legs (1969)


Five Legs, perhaps surprisingly, is a novel of two -- not five -- parts. The first is in the voice of Professor Lucan Crackell. Take "stymied creativity" and a "failed imagination": an "amiable hypocrite who consoles himself with power in the institution, getting drunk with his students, and

Graeme Gibson’s Five Legs (1969)2014-03-20T15:35:24-05:00

Rawi Hage’s De Niro’s Game (2006)


Rawi Hage has said that De Niro's Game began as a short story. A short story that continued to grow. "I finally, out of nowhere, had a novel on my hands and I sent it to a few places and I got a few responses." The scenic construction does remind

Rawi Hage’s De Niro’s Game (2006)2020-05-21T16:06:48-05:00

On Reading Margaret Atwood’s The Circle Game (1966)


"If you think you understand what you see on the surface, caution Atwood's fathomless parentheticals, keep looking." So says Suzanne Buffam in her introduction to the new AList edition of this classic Canlit work. (And don't you love the word 'parentheticals'?) I'm not sure that I *do* understand

On Reading Margaret Atwood’s The Circle Game (1966)2014-03-20T15:14:22-05:00

Revisiting Lisa Moore’s Short Fiction


For years, a set of loose photocopied pages were housed on my bookshelf with the M's. (Do you do this, too?) Then, they were tucked inside my copy of Lisa Moore's Alligator: her short story "Azalea", which first appeared in the March/April 2002 issue of THIS Magazine. I was first drawn

Revisiting Lisa Moore’s Short Fiction2020-11-03T17:04:44-05:00
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