Diversiverse 2014 – Reading more diversely


Of course I made a reading list. Then, I saw Vasilly’s list. (You probably already know where this is heading.) Her list has many temptations on it, including some of my favourites. But I have been looking for a reason to read the rest of Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet series since I

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Hiromi Goto’s Darkest Light (A More Diverse Universe)


The events of Darkest Light unfold sixteen years after Hiromi Goto's Half World (here, I spell out the reasons why I fell under its spell). Penguin - Razorbill, 2012 Melanie is off-stage and readers know little of her story, only what Gee, knows, that "...something had happened to Older Sister. Something bad."

Hiromi Goto’s Darkest Light (A More Diverse Universe)2014-03-17T16:58:45-05:00

So Long Been Dreaming (A More Diverse Universe)


Nineteen stories. Titled from this Harriet Tubman quote. Order direct from Arsenal Pulp "I had crossed de line of which I had so long been dreaming. I was free; but dere was no one to welcome me to de land of freedom. I was a stranger in a

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This Week’s Stories


Novels: The piles are a-bloom, ever expanding. Each book has its own bookmark, each some degree of commitment attached, some commanding that kind of nervous energy that erupts when you begin a book and think that it might just be a perfect book written just for you. Like  a debut novel

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