Spring 2018, In My Bookbag


In which there is talk of the slim stories which have travelled with me within the city, while bulkier volumes stayed home. Amitav Ghosh's Flood of Fire and Paul Auster's 4 3 2 1are awkward travelling companions. As are some of the skinnies in my current stack, like Iris Murdoch's

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Deni Ellis Béchard’s Into the Sun (2016)


Have you ever missed your stop on public transit because of a book? House of Anansi, 2016 Into the Sun is so gripping, from the start, that I travelled four stops past my own stop, before I even realized that I had missed it. (Then, I was so surprised,

Deni Ellis Béchard’s Into the Sun (2016)2020-01-07T11:17:37-05:00

Telling Father’s Story: A Novel and a Memoir


Khaled Hosseini's And the Mountains Echoed and Maurice Mierau's Detachment: An Adoption Memoir are a perfect pair. Penguin Random House, 2014 And the Mountains Echoed begins with a story, told by a father to his son and his daughter. "Father never felt more present to Abdullah, more vibrant, revealed,

Telling Father’s Story: A Novel and a Memoir2017-07-24T15:12:22-05:00

Michael Winter’s Minister Without Portfolio (2013)


Readers familiar with Michael Winter's fiction will immediately recognize the contrast between stark prose and emotional intensity; in the gap between, the reader resides. For it's not as though Henry Hayward does not feel, but it's as though he has raised a hand to protect himself from the heat of

Michael Winter’s Minister Without Portfolio (2013)2014-05-13T14:37:40-05:00
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