Wendy McGrath’s Trilogy and Poetry


Spoiler: I absolutely loved Wendy McGrath’s trilogy and it’s one of my 2020 standout reading experiences. In the upcoming Winter issue of Herizons, you can read my review of Wendy McGrath’s final novel in her Edmonton trilogy, Broke City (2019). (Herizons is a Canadian feminist magazine, which I

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Pursuit: Gil Adamson’s Ridgerunner (2020)


I read Gil Adamson’s The Outlander (2007) in February 2009, on my daily subway commute, and on the afternoon that I was nearly finished reading, I started a conversation about it with another commuter, who was also reading it. I waited until I’d moved towards the door, prepared to

Pursuit: Gil Adamson’s Ridgerunner (2020)2020-10-07T18:25:21-05:00

Thomas Wharton’s Icefields (1995)


Thomas Wharton's Icefields (1995) Readers will recognize quickly whether there is a match to be made between them and Thomas Wharton's first novel. Ten pages should do it. First, there is the epigraph, from Michael Ondaatje's Coming Through Slaughter: "As if everything in the world is the history of ice."

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