Mavis Gallant’s “Poor Franzi”


At one table, we have the Wrights, on the crowded hotel terrace, with the Austrian mountains playing picture-postcard for the family, who has journeyed from Baltimore. They're a cranky lot, with daughters Coralie and Joan having had a different set of expectations for their travels, which neither their mother nor

Mavis Gallant’s “Poor Franzi”2017-03-26T10:12:05-05:00

Dan Vyleta’s The Crooked Maid (2013)


Dan Vyleta's The Crooked Maid pulls readers into a suspenseful, dark tale as swiftly as the train carrying Anna Beer and Robert Siedal pulls into the Vienna station. Although it does share some characters with the author's previous novel, The Quiet Twin, it can be read as a standalone novel. Both

Dan Vyleta’s The Crooked Maid (2013)2014-05-13T15:04:46-05:00
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