“Nettles” Alice Munro


Sometimes, when I begin reading an Alice Munro story, I am overwhelmed by a sense of "there it is". It's a feeling of immediate and undeniable recognition of familiar elements. Like the beginning of "Nettles", which begins with firmly rooting the reader in a time and place. It is summer.

“Nettles” Alice Munro2017-07-24T15:04:47-05:00

“Save the Reaper” Alice Munro


"Daisy was barely three and could not understand what was going on." Because there is something going on. Something that Daisy, at three years old, could not understand. This is where the story begins, from a future vantage point, when 60-something Eve is looking back at the afternoon in which

“Save the Reaper” Alice Munro2014-07-11T17:03:42-05:00
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