BHM: Another Untold Story


Both The Hanging of Angélique and Black Indians discuss what is not commonly discussed, what has been habitually overlooked, what has been deliberately concealed. They are the sort of non-fiction that compels readers to nudge and/or wake those around them, with a stream of indignant DidYouKnow's and CanYouBelieve's. HarperCollins, 2006 Afua

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BHM: Uncovering a Hidden Heritage


William Loren Katz's Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage 25th Anniversary Edition  Though Canadian students are not taught American History in any detail, most can likely name Plymouth Rock as the first foreign colony in the United States. Some might even dredge up Jamestown, or the Lost Colony of

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BHM: The Warmth of Other Suns


Random House, 2010 Gripping. Engaging. Rich characterization. Sensory detail. These aren't words commonly associated with reading non-fiction. Every one of them is an accurate description of Isabel Wilkerson's chronicle of "the biggest underreported story of the twentieth century". It's "The Epic Story of America's Great Migration", as the

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BHM: Kadir Nelson


Balzer & Bray Imprint - HarperCollins, 2011 Heart and Soul is an absolutely gorgeous book. Kadir Nelson's artwork is riveting. And don't ask me where I've been while he was winning Caldecott Honors, or an NAACP Image Award. Or while he received a Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award, a

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BHM: Octavia E. Butler


Beacon Press, 2003 (originally 1979) Dana is bookish; when we meet her in the opening pages of Kindred, she is unpacking books after a move. She is sorting the fiction into one of the bigger bookcases in the living room while Kevin finishes unpacking his office. But when

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