Malcolm Sutton’s Job Shadowing (2016)


If it's true, that “new thoughts only happen at the edge of what we already know”, then Malcolm Sutton's Job Shadowing has provided me with plenty of new thoughts. Book Thug, 2016 Job Shadowing is a novel which pools at the edges of the shape that I recognize as fiction. It would be

Malcolm Sutton’s Job Shadowing (2016)2016-07-08T11:34:53-05:00

Joni Murphy’s Double Teenage (2016)


Celine and Julie are negotating the borders of girlhood, wandering back and forth across dotted lines and territories both more and less available to them as the years pass. They trade L.M. Montgomery's girlhood classics for "Law and Order" and Our Bodies, Ourselves, while readers follow in their footsteps in narratives which alternately

Joni Murphy’s Double Teenage (2016)2016-06-16T19:23:24-05:00
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