Joni Murphy’s Double Teenage (2016)


Celine and Julie are negotating the borders of girlhood, wandering back and forth across dotted lines and territories both more and less available to them as the years pass. They trade L.M. Montgomery's girlhood classics for "Law and Order" and Our Bodies, Ourselves, while readers follow in their footsteps in narratives which alternately

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Sarah Hall’s The Wolf Border (2015)


It's an old term, 'wolf border', from the Finnish language: susiraja. The boundary betweent the capital region and the rest of the country: everything which lies beyond the border is wilderness. HarperCollins, 2015 Certainly Rachel does have to explain a lot about her scientific work with wolves beyond the

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Borders: Kim Thúy’s Ru (2009)


The epigraph to Ru is the reader's first clue that this novel embraces complexity. The reader learns that the word, in French, means a small stream, literally (and, figuratively, a flow -- of tears, blood or memory). Whereas, in Vietnamese, 'ru' means a lullaby, drawn from what is

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A Boy’s Life: John Michael Cummings, Meg Rosoff and John Green


When I was a younger reader, I avoided stories about boys. A friend of mine sought them out because the boys had all the best adventures and the girls were always learning how to be 'good'; I kept reading stories about girls in search of  the ones who were 'bad'

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Drawing Conclusions: Three Graphic Works


Shaun Tan’s The Arrival Arthur A. Levine Books - Scholastic Books, 2006 The wordless images in The Arrival are often breath-taking, sometimes sad and always evocative. (You can see one of them here, on the author's page.) Tan says: "I see each book as an experiment in visual and written narrative,

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