Carol Shields’ The Box Garden (1977)


Event hosted by Kaggsy's Ramblings Stuck in a Book #1977Club So much good women's fiction from 1977, from Margaret Atwood's Dancing Girls to Marilyn French's The Women's Room. But I reread Carol Shields' Unless last year and I wanted to reread another of hers. Enter, The

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January 2015, In My Reading Log


Ater a year of new-new-new, January has been filled with the familiar, the known. It's not been about making new-shiny-library-residing friends, but about becoming better acquainted with long-time residents of my own bookshelves, remembering what drew particular authors onto my MRE (MustReadEverything) list and particular books onto my shelves. Have

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84: Best Canadian Stories (Edited by David Helwig and Sandra Martin)


These stories were chosen “to be read rather than merely admired, or even envied”, including five previously unpublished stories. Thirty years later, the list of contents conjures up echoes of the Giller Prize, Canada Reads, and even a Pulitzer. Frances Itani’s “Grandmother” “And she has long known what the rest of

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Canada Reads: Carol Shields


It was a bitterly cold, blustery day in January 2003. I started reading the book at my desk, which was under the eaves next to a small window. There was a small space heater humming near my feet because the walls up there were cold to the touch, and the

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When a Book Just Keeps Getting Better


Wayson Choy’s The Jade Peony (1995) Click the image to read a neat story about how Jessica Sullivan designed the cover   I first heard Wayson Choy read from his work about ten years ago, and he told a story about beginning to write, about a class he

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