Wayne Johnston’s The Son of a Certain Woman (2013)


"The Son of A Certain Woman. You don’t have to have read Joyce to 'get' it. But it’s a touch more fun if you have." And that is because it is Wayne Johnston's "Joyce book". Which one might take to mean that it's about the Joyce family. (Primarily about Percy

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Drawing Conclusions: Three Graphic Works


Shaun Tan’s The Arrival Arthur A. Levine Books - Scholastic Books, 2006 The wordless images in The Arrival are often breath-taking, sometimes sad and always evocative. (You can see one of them here, on the author's page.) Tan says: "I see each book as an experiment in visual and written narrative,

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The Wind Done Gone (2001)


When Scarlett, the sequel to Gone with the Wind that the Margaret Mitchell Estate authorized, was published in 1991, the world of books was abuzz. Nobody had heard of Alexandra Ripley, but everybody wanted to know what happened to Scarlett. Somehow I missed news of the publication of Alice Randall's

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