My mini-Canlit-read-a-thon on Canada Day, 2014 (II)


Choosing a stack based on whimsy rather than duty urged me to binge on these books with enthusiasm. The afternoon heat was held at bay by good stories and an assortment of drinks (often rum with some sort of fruit juice, from tangerine to strawberry, lemon to cherry). And without

My mini-Canlit-read-a-thon on Canada Day, 2014 (II)2014-07-23T07:13:42-05:00

Rumer Godden’s The Dolls’ House (1948)


The day I consider myself too grown-up to read a children's story, is the day I stop reading. Rumer Godden's The Dolls' House (1948) Illus. Tasha Tudor (1976) I re-read this slim volume countless times when I was a girl. Not only did I have a dollhouse, but I was one of

Rumer Godden’s The Dolls’ House (1948)2014-03-17T16:11:42-05:00

Dutch Lit Weekend: A Belated Celebration


So Iris' Dutch Lit month was in June, right? Many of you likely participated during June. Which, of course, was the point: a shared celebration of Dutch Lit. I was planning to do that too. And I did have my copy of Hella S. Haasse's The Tea Lords well ahead

Dutch Lit Weekend: A Belated Celebration2014-07-11T16:20:26-05:00

Monica Dickens: World’s End Series


I borrowed books in this series repeatedly as a girl. I knew exactly which shelves they were on. If that old library was still operational, I think I could find them in an instant. What I wasn't so sure of, was whether I would enjoy the stories as much as

Monica Dickens: World’s End Series2014-07-11T16:09:00-05:00

Sweet and Swedish


1961; Dell Publishing, 1975 Maria Gripe's trilogy is just charming. Josephine chooses her own name because the name Anna Grå is too big for her, like a pair of shoes that she needs to grow into. She is six years old. Her blue sweater is getting too small but

Sweet and Swedish2014-07-11T16:03:23-05:00
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