Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes (2014)


How many times have I fallen for this trick? A Stephen King novel opens with a vividly sketched scene, of ordinary and likeable people going about the business of their everyday lives, when disaster strikes, and someone dies. Gallery Books - S&S, 2016 Mr. Mercedes is no different.

Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes (2014)2016-07-22T11:15:57-05:00

Peter Nowak’s Humans 3.0


When I was in the tenth grade, nothing about technology intimidated me. I signed up for classes in high school which taught binary and how to write simple programs, and my first full-time job was working with a woman who could program in COBOL. Goose Lane Editions, 2015

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TGIF: In the workplace, on the page (3 of 4)


A new Friday fugue, running through this month, considering the ways in which our working lives appear on the pages of novels and short stories. The first two weeks appear here and here.) Tightrope Books, 2011 Kathryn Mockler’s Onion Man (2011) “The first night, time went by fast

TGIF: In the workplace, on the page (3 of 4)2015-07-10T13:13:05-05:00
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