November 2016, In My Reading Log


In the wake of my IFOA reading list and the literary prizelists of the season, my November reading felt relatively whimsical. Without duedates attached to the majority of my reading, it was a pleasure to slip into volumes which had sat untouched in recent weeks. Each of these three volumes covers,

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On Power: Between and The Massey Murder


Angie Adbou handles multiple narrative voices very well. Readers familiar with her earlier novels, The Bone Cage (2008) and The Canterbury Trail (2011) will know this, having inhabited narratives from varying perspectives. They will also know (as will readers of her 2006 collection of short stories, Anything Boys Can Do) that

On Power: Between and The Massey Murder2019-10-22T12:24:17-05:00

Jane Harris’ Gillespie and I (2012)


No need to wonder whether you fit in this novel: Harriet Baxter is speaking directly to you, Reader. Even before the novel has properly begun, she is saying "Reader, if you wonder -- as I suspect you may..." Even though you weren't wondering yet. And, on the next page, she

Jane Harris’ Gillespie and I (2012)2014-03-17T14:05:31-05:00

Quintessentially Lord-Peter-ish


Returning to an installment in Dorothy Sayers' Lord Peter Wimsey series after many years? Never mind: Lord Peter Wimsey is still as Lord-Peter-ish as ever. (I read the previous volumes in the series, and the relevant stories, in 2003 and 2004; it's as though I just put down

Quintessentially Lord-Peter-ish2014-03-17T14:05:11-05:00
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