Quarterly Stories: Winter 2019


Borra, Gallant, Gospodinov, Rogers and Tomine Short Stories in October, November and December Whether in a dedicated collection or a magazine, these stories capture a variety of reading moods. This quarter, I returned to a favourite writer and also explored four new-to-me story writers. (I've read

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Karen Molson’s The Company of Crows (2016)


It might seem to be, at first glance, a quintessential CanLit passage, a poetic description of the natural world. Linda Leith Publishing, 2016 But the opening passage of The Company of Crows reveals more about Karen Molson's debut novel, than one might think. "Thin grey lines fan out across the

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To Tell the Truth: Crow Planet


The chapter titles of this work reveal that it's not some kind of textbook resource on crows: Getting Up, Preparing, Reading, Walking, Dwelling, Helping, Seeing, Coexisting, Dying and Flying. Then again, the subtitle should have been my first clue (Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness), that Crow Planet is as much

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