Read-A-Thon Progress Post, Later hours


I was planning to keep all our Read-A-Thon updates in a single refresh-able post, but even I got tired of scrolling down that far. And, okay, the fact that I accidentally deleted the whole thing in a single blurry-eyed moment? It required precious reading time be spent reconstructing. So the

Read-A-Thon Progress Post, Later hours2014-03-09T18:53:33-05:00

Read-A-Thon Progress Post


As the Read-A-Thon day unfolds, we'll be including more than one update in a single refresh-able post. We're hoping to reduce the Reader Traffic for non-Read-A-Thon-ers. Update from BIP and Mister BIP, Hour Three: Title of book read: Pippi Longstocking (BIP read 114 pages of it) Amount of time spent reading:

Read-A-Thon Progress Post2014-03-09T18:53:24-05:00

Read-A-Thon Begins!


8am: Started reading Pippi Longstocking, my first Read-A-Thon read. 8:15: Taking break (hoping this isn't indicative of day's attention span). This is my first Read-A-Thon. The wee BIPs are not home for the weekend (but I'm sure they'll want to participate in the next R-A-T). We'll be taking notes, mentally

Read-A-Thon Begins!2014-03-09T18:53:13-05:00
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