Catherine Cooper’s White Elephant (2016)


A white elephant was historically bestowed as a burden which had the outward appearance of a gift; a courtier charged with its care and upkeep would have a beautiful creature to display, but the weight of the responsibility undeniable. Freehand Books, 2016 In Catherine Cooper's debut novel, the question

Catherine Cooper’s White Elephant (2016)2016-06-16T19:41:15-05:00

Michael Crummey’s Sweetland (2014)


It begins in fog. With Matthew Sweetland hearing voices "so indistinct he thought they might be imaginary". Doubleday Canada, 2014 This scene from the past alerts readers that they should be concerned with the line between the real and the invented, and even more to the point, with how

Michael Crummey’s Sweetland (2014)2015-01-07T13:41:17-05:00
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