Carol Shields’ The Box Garden (1977)


Event hosted by Kaggsy's Ramblings Stuck in a Book #1977Club So much good women's fiction from 1977, from Margaret Atwood's Dancing Girls to Marilyn French's The Women's Room. But I reread Carol Shields' Unless last year and I wanted to reread another of hers. Enter, The

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Alice Mattison’s The Kite and the String (2016)


It's not meant to be complicated. "I hope to help you think about your writing, and to approach the task with more confidence, excitement, and hope." That's Alice Mattison's intent. But of course it is complicated. Which is why there are countless books about the craft of writing. Viking -

Alice Mattison’s The Kite and the String (2016)2016-10-12T17:16:00-05:00

January 2015, In My Bookbag


Isn't there something satisfying about beginning to read someone's published diaries in a January, when those diaries begin in some other long-ago January? Dawn Powell's diaries have been on my shelves for more than a decade but suddenly, in this January, I felt compelled to begin reading them. It sat beside other

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