Dominique Fortier’s Wonder (2010; Trans. 2014)


The appeal of reading a book like Dominique Fortier’s Wonder swells and radiates as pages turn. McClelland & Stewart, 2014 The story begins (like Dennison Smith’s The Eye of the Day, another of my favourite books in this reading year) with a proverbial bang. But despite the eruption

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Alexis Wright’s Carpentaria (2006)


When a novel begins with a tale of the world's origins, readers can expect an expansive tale. 2006; Constable & Robinson Ltd, 2008 When that origins tale shakes convention by the tail, readers can expect the kind of storytelling that sets aside the ordinary and places the extraordinary

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Elemental: Will Ferguson’s 419


Laura remembers being impatient with her father, when he discovered symbols of the four elements in a shopping mall's design. Water, earth, air and fire: he had spotted representations of all of them. She was carrying too many parcels, frustrated by needing to ask him to help with her burden,

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BHM: Virginia Hamilton and Patricia McKissack


Each of these books is illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon. Do you know their work? (They're the husband-and-wife team who have claimed awards ranging from the Caldecott to the Hugo to the Coretta Scott King Honor.) This is remarkable not only for the quality of the work but because

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