Co-reading Ethel Wilson


Ethel Wilson's The Equations of Love Macmillan, 1952 When Melwyk said that she, too, only had this one Ethel Wilson left to read, we decided to read the two novellas published in Equations of Love together. You know how it is, when you are about to exhaust a favoured writer's

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Egregious errors and great gaps?!


David Stouck's Ethel Wilson: A Critical Biography UTP, 2003 Here is what David Stouck wrote about Mary McAlpine's book about Ethel Wilson's life: "When I read the book I was aware of egregious errors and great gaps in the life. In the opinion of many reviewers, the book was poorly

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Reading Like A Country Cat


Ethel Wilson's Stories, Essays and Letters, Ed. David Stouck U of BC Press, 1987 If you are keenly interested in Ethel Wilson, you will definitely appreciate this volume, which does gather nine stories not published in her Mrs. Golightly collection, six essays, and selected correspondence from 1944 through 1974. And,

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Good guesses about Ethel Wilson


Mary McAlpine's The Other Side of Silence: A Life of Ethel Wilson Harbour Publishing, 1988 I came across this bit in David Stouck's biography before I even had a copy of Mary McAlpine's book in my hands and it raised a string of questions that niggled and nagged until I

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Anticipation and Hesitation


Ethel Wilson's Love and Salt Water (1956) McClelland & Stewart, NCL 1990. The advantages of reading an author's works through are many; I love the sense of truly-getting-acquainted that comes with this reading immersion, the intense satisfaction of recognizing interconnections (and divergences) between stories and longer works, the sense of

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