Eowyn Ivey’s To the Bright Edge of the World (2016)


Research for Eowyn Ivey's new book took her into the heart of Alaska and onto the Copper River, described here, long before the draft was complete and bound and the book published. Little Brown and Company Hachette, 2016 Official publication day is today, the launch in Palmer, Alaska. On the page, the

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“The Wilds of Morris Township” Alice Munro


This Alice Munro story might serve as a sixteen-page synposis for why some high-school students came to hate the idea of reading Canadian authors. McClelland & Stewart, 2006 If you weren't raised on Laura Ingalls Wilder's books? If you weren't an obsessive listener to weekly episodes of Winter Without Salt read aloud

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Tahir Shah’s Timbuctoo (2012)


Secret codes, ancient mysteries, adventure stories, treasures, oversized fold-out maps, a hidden pocket in the back binding, and a satin ribbon for a marker. (I know, it sounds too good to be true, but read on: it's really quite marvellous.) Put that together with a passion for history and storytelling

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Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder (2011)


Ann Patchett's works have long had the attention of the Orange Prize juries. The Magician's Assistant was shortlisted for the 1998 Orange Prize, and Bel Canto won in 2002; it wasn't surprising to see State of Wonder make the jury's shortlist in 2012. The most striking element of the novel is its

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