Alison Watt’s Dazzle Patterns (2017)


The thing with an explosion is that it comes out of nowhere. And that's exactly what happens in Alison Watt's debut novel. Even though I knew that the 1917 event was at the heart of this Halifax story, I was completely absorbed in Clare and Fred's ordinary workday at

Alison Watt’s Dazzle Patterns (2017)2017-10-25T13:21:19-05:00

The Promise Falls Trilogy


Promise Falls has a history. You might not think so, but it matters. “Are we too insignificant up here: A couple of hours away from New York? Is that what we’re foolish enough to think? Let me tell you something, my friend. You want to strike fear into the hearts

The Promise Falls Trilogy2017-01-06T11:04:07-05:00

Deni Ellis Béchard’s Into the Sun (2016)


Have you ever missed your stop on public transit because of a book? House of Anansi, 2016 Into the Sun is so gripping, from the start, that I travelled four stops past my own stop, before I even realized that I had missed it. (Then, I was so surprised,

Deni Ellis Béchard’s Into the Sun (2016)2020-01-07T11:17:37-05:00

Summer Reading To-Do List for Sunny Days (2 of 4)


Such good reading this summer, so far. In other respects, perhaps mine has not been the most productive summer. But it all depends what one puts on a to-do list, doesn't it! What if your to-do list was all about the books in your stacks? Little, Brown and Company, 2015

Summer Reading To-Do List for Sunny Days (2 of 4)2020-03-31T12:14:55-05:00
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