A Fainter Footprint in Fiction


Sarah Ellis' Outside In is her seventeenth novel for young readers, and readers who discover her through this unusual work will undoubtedly be keen to investigate her backlist. Groundwood Books, 2014 The cover captures the hint of mystery which lurks beneath the story, for Lynn encounters Blossom and

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A Fainter Footprint, So Far


Other Friday Fugues here have focussed on Bookish Books and Epistolary Works, this year's Friday Fugue is A Fainter Footprint. As in, leaving a fainter footprint behind, ecologically speaking. To date, there has been much talk of recent cookbooks, those which are light on resources but heavy on flavour and

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River Cottage Veg: 200 Inspired Vegetable Recipes


Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage Veg: 200 Inspired Vegetable Recipes is 1/3 cup richness, 1/3 cup indulgence, and 1/3 cup pizzazz. Appetite - Random House, 2013 The introduction explains that "this is a vegetable cookbook". It depends on your politics and your point-of-view whether it's a vegetarian cookbook, he maintains. For his point-of-view? "I

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Mark Bittman’s VB6 (2013)


In my family, you didn't have to buy diet books. It wasn't that we weren't shopping at Stuckey's and Coyle's: we did so, in bulk. But someone else in the family was guaranteed to have bought whatever new diet book was making waves, so you could borrow their dogeared paperback.

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Miriam Sorrell’s Mouthwatering Vegan (2013)


Miriam Sorrell's Mouthwatering Vegan: Over 130 Irresistible Recipes for Everyone is 1/3 cup enticing, 1/3 cup sophisticated, and 1/3 cup inspirational. Appetite - Random House of Canada, 2013 And it never hurts to have a blurb from Sir Paul McCartney: "In a world where more and more people are considering a meat-free

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