Québecois Reads: Sealing the Deal


The title of Pasha Malla’s 2015 article in The New Yorker’s Page-Turner says it all: “Too Different and Too Familiar: The Challenge of French-Canadian Literature.” Because it is a challenge to locate French-Canadian literature within the landscape of Canadian Literature, even for those of us who devote a significant

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Roch Carrier’s The Hockey Sweater and Other Stories


It's on the back of Canada's five-dollar bill: the opening lines of Roch Carrier's "The Hockey Sweater". 1979; House of Anansi, 2012 That's how central this story, only four pages long, is to Canadians. A short story about hockey, a 10-year-old French-Canadian boy's crowning disappointment, and the cultural

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Aya: On the Ivory Coast, 1978


Marguerite Abouet and Clément Oubrerie's Aya de Yopougon  Trans. Helge Dascher Gallimard, 2005 978-2-07-057311-7 (Available as Aya in English) Over the past summer, I was exploring library branches that I had never visited before and it was at one of those that I made Aya’s acquaintance.This new bookish territory not only took

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From page to screen: Je l’aimais


Anna Gavalda Je l'aimais  Editions J'ai lu, 2002  Here's the list of words that I kept on a sticky-note in the front of this book because I'd looked them up in the dictionary more than once: ivre (drunk), nuque (nape of the neck), étouffer (to smother), frissoner (to shudder), placard (cupboard),

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Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days (1873)


Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days (1873) Illus. Jame's Prunier Trans. Barbara Brister "The Whole Story" Viking, 1996 I discovered "The Whole Story" editions one Saturday afternoon browsing in the Children's Library. They're lavishly illustrated: think, annotations in photographs. (Unfortunately I couldn't find the corresponding cover image that

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