Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes (2014)


How many times have I fallen for this trick? A Stephen King novel opens with a vividly sketched scene, of ordinary and likeable people going about the business of their everyday lives, when disaster strikes, and someone dies. Gallery Books - S&S, 2016 Mr. Mercedes is no different.

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Young Love, Complicated Love: Walking on Trampolines


For weeks after reading Frances Whiting's Walking on Trampolines, my vocabulary was peppered with LuluBelle-isms. That's how I thought of the habit that young Lulu and Annabelle had, of mashing-up synonyms to intensify the meaning of each individual word. Gallery BooksSimon & Schuster, 2015 (2013) "I'm starmished," I would

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Nick Cutter’s The Deep (2015)


Nick Cutter’s debut, The Troop, was one of those books about which I was truly ambivalent, literally thunking the book down after a haunting and visceral scene and snatching it up again because I simply had to know what was going to happen next. I recommended it widely to friends

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Nick Cutter’s The Troop (2014)


A Stephen King blurb. And, it's declared: a novel of terror. Nick Cutter's readers know what they're in for. And, if there was any doubt, little clues speckle the first few chapters. Readers are "waiting for unknown wickedness". There are shadows coalescing into permanence and logs groaning. There is a sheet

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Lynn Cullen’s Mrs. Poe (2013)


In the early 1980s, in a sixth-grade classroom in rural Ontario, a teacher used Edgar Allan Poe's stories to supplement the assigned reader for that year's English studies: a bitter experience for me as a young reader. I loved books - they were my best friends at that time - but

Lynn Cullen’s Mrs. Poe (2013)2014-03-23T08:39:46-05:00
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