Cary Fagan’s My Life among the Apes (2012)


One imagines these are the kind of stories that erupt from a phrase overheard at a restaurant or eavesdropped from a park bench. These are not the kinds of stories that come complete with detailed descriptions and backgrounds; it`s hard to imagine Cary Fagan filling out long character

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Borders: Kim Thúy’s Ru (2009)


The epigraph to Ru is the reader's first clue that this novel embraces complexity. The reader learns that the word, in French, means a small stream, literally (and, figuratively, a flow -- of tears, blood or memory). Whereas, in Vietnamese, 'ru' means a lullaby, drawn from what is

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Annabel Lyon’s The Sweet Girl (2012)


Annabel Lyon says that she knew, almost immediately upon beginning to write The Golden Mean, that she would be writing the other half of its story. That was "a very male book...all male characters...about warfare and public life and politics and rationality [and] science, all the things that Aristotle represented".*

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Billie Livingston’s One Good Hustle (2012)


Sammie Bell is sixteen years old and has just hustled her way into living in the basement of her friend Jill's house. Random House Canada, 2012 She has already been there for two weeks before Jill's mom even started asking questions, and, then, Sammie knows just what to

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Bearing: Everybody Has Everything


Ana is a research lawyer, and a wife: she has not had everything. McClelland & Stewart, 2012 (Emblem Editions) This is not all bad. Because she has not had a child, she has not had occasion to conceal the responsibilities of motherhood from her employers, she has enjoyed the

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