Thomas King’s Indians on Vacation (2020)


If Bird doesn’t know Thumps Dreadfulwater, someone should introduce them. Both men are photographers, indigenous (they’d probably say ‘Indian), and diabetic. Both have had longterm relationships—with cats, as well as women, and they would consider dessert their favourite food group. They’re simultaneously interested enough in the world to strike

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Mavis Gallant’s “The Ice Wagon Going Down the Street” (1963)


Reading this story might change your reading life forever. That's what happened to Peter Orner, whose essay on Mavis Gallant's stories is mesmerizing: "The Way Vivid, Way Underappreciated Short Stories of Mavis Gallant", published in The Atlantic's "By Heart" series. "The first story I read is called 'The Ice Wagon

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“Soon” Alice Munro


Readers who were left with an abundance of questions after reading "Chance" might turn to "Soon" believing that some will be answered. McClelland & Stewart, 2004 But Juliet's reappearance holds no promises of resolution; there are just as many new musings unaddressed. Most prominent are the questions outwardly posed at

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