Reading for #1944Club: Gwethalyn Graham’s Earth and High Heaven


In 1944, Canada was dealing with the Conscription Crisis, a military and political crisis following the forced military service for men in Canada during WWII. The Prime Minister was William Lyon Mackenzie King and King George VI was on the English throne. Tommy Douglas, leader of the Cooperative Commonwealth

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Prizelist-Season Reading 2016


Prizelists make me feel like I do when I watch the Olympics. Because just when I am feeling most thrilled about one person's winning performance, I am reminded of all the other participants' losses. So the prizelists, for me, are as much about what is not listed as what is listed

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Quarterly Stories: Autumn 2016


Only ten this year, so far. Without my Alice Munro project to steer me, I am not reading as many short story collections now. Over the summer, I read Cherie Dimaline's A Gentle Habit (2015) as part of All Lit Up's summer bookclub. Dimaline is a member of the Georgian

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On Everything Everything and Everything Feels like the Movies


Everything: isn’t that what readers look for in a book? Many authors think so. PRH - Doubleday Canada, 2015 One suggests that Everything Leads to You. Another insists that Everything Was Goodbye. (Nina LaCour and Gurjinder Basran) One begs Tell Me Everything, while another is concerned with Everything

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Talking Time: Life after Life, The Luminaries


Random House, 2013 The slippery question of time is often posed on the page. And with books, it’s different. In music, listeners are engaged at a pace dictated by the composer’s notation, beats counted as the bars pass, the audience arriving synchronously at the end of the piece.

Talking Time: Life after Life, The Luminaries2015-10-20T07:58:55-05:00
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