Adwoa Badoe’s Aluta (2016)


"I was never sure exactly what I wanted. I guess I wanted to be popular, and beautiful, and smart, and in love," Charlotte observes. Groundwood Books, 2016 She comes from Kibi, Eastern Region, Ghana, where some believe the women to be beautiful but cantankerous. Now Charlotte is eighteen years old,

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Jane Ozkowski’s Watching Traffic (2016)


What Jane Ozkowski captures beautifully in Watching Traffic is the very sensation embodied in the debut novel's title: Emily is overwhelmed by motion even while in a state of stillness. Groundwood Books, 2016 It's the summer after high-school gradulation, and Emily is working at a catering company, making egg-salad sandwiches and

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Lisa Moore’s Flannery (2016)


Lisa Moore builds folks from the ink up: she is standout at characterization. Groundwood Books, 2016 One of the elements that makes her characters so convincing is the echo effect, the reverberations off seemingly extraneous details (in images, in descriptions, in settings) to construct multi-faceted individuals. Readers who have

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A Fainter Footprint in Fiction


Sarah Ellis' Outside In is her seventeenth novel for young readers, and readers who discover her through this unusual work will undoubtedly be keen to investigate her backlist. Groundwood Books, 2014 The cover captures the hint of mystery which lurks beneath the story, for Lynn encounters Blossom and

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If I said it’s like Anne of Green Gables


Well, then, I'd be lying. Because nothing is like Anne of Green Gables, right? But I'll Be Watching gave me a lot of the same feelings that reading my battered copy of Montgomery's story gives me. That's bound to sound hyperbolic, so let me explain. Pamela Porter's novel opens

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