All Those Who Are Missing: New 2016 Novels


Many writers suggest that a motivation for telling stories is to set things in order, to make sense of what seems senseless. Little wonder that so many novels are preoccupied with loss and absence, abandonment and grief. In Melanie Mah's The Sweetest One, Chris (Chrysler) Wong thinks maybe she's cursed.

All Those Who Are Missing: New 2016 Novels2016-12-13T11:20:39-05:00

Lisa Moore’s Caught (2013/2014)


Lisa Moore has pulled from the headlines to create fiction before, and this is not the first time she has pulled readers into painful territory by the heart. Grove Press, 2014 "I learned to graft bits and pieces of true-life experiences together to form fiction. I learned not

Lisa Moore’s Caught (2013/2014)2014-05-13T15:41:52-05:00
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