Quarterly Stories: Summer 2017


Besides Lori McNulty's Life on Mars and Mavis Gallant's stories, I've been dabbling in some other collections this year too. Edwidge Danticat's Krik? Krak! (1996) Drawn from a number of literary magazines and publications (including 1994's Pushcart Prize collection), these tales were gathered together to satisfy the readers who yearned

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BHM: Edwidge Danticat


"Create dangerously, for people who read dangerously. This is what I’ve always thought it meant to be a writer." So says Edwidge Danticat, in the early pages of the work inspired by Albert Camus' essay and, also, inspired by countless tales of courageous reading and writing and living.

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Home: The Return


Dany Laferrière's The Return (2009) Translated by David Homel Douglas & McIntyre, 2011 David Homel says that he has translated Dany Laferrière's work so often now that he knows how he ticks, knows his schtick, knows his voice so well that he has avoided translating anyone else for awhile. Perhaps that's

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