Miranda Hill’s Sleeping Funny (2012)


The title story of this collection, my favourite, "The Variance", is filled with so many details that it reads a little like a logic puzzle. (I like logic puzzles and short stories.) 2012; Doubleday - Random House, 2013 Sometimes the details have direct and practical significance, as with

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BIP’s Snips: Stories


Gordon j.h. Leeanders’ To Be Continued ECW Press, 2005 Read: Sitting at freshly-assembled dining-room table. Now we can seat 8 for a meal. Or one reader and one story collection. (It was a two-course read for me.) Warning: Even if you usually spread short story collections over time, you’ll be

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Who Doesn’t Love Anne?


If you’ve read all your Anne books until their pages have loosened from their spines, Second Story Press has the answer: two Anne-ish books in their Gutsy Girls series. Caroline Stellings’ The Contest Second Story Press, 2010 For Avonlea-ish-ness, The Contest is delightful. Although Hamilton, Ontario is a long way

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