Zoe Whittall’s The Best Kind of People


It begins with something extraordinary. "Almost a decade earlier, a man with a .45-70 Marlin hunting rifle walked through the front doors of Avalon Hills prep school. He didn't know that he was about to become a living symbol of the age of white men shooting into crowds." House

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Bloody Summer 2016, In My Reading Log


Massacre, killer, murder: when these words appear on a novel's first page, readers are fore-warned. And, yet, the first third of Sara Taylor's Boring Girls (2015) is a coming-of-age story. "It was becoming more and more apparent that I had been right all along. No one could truly understand me, unless they got

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Lisa Moore’s Flannery (2016)


Lisa Moore builds folks from the ink up: she is standout at characterization. Groundwood Books, 2016 One of the elements that makes her characters so convincing is the echo effect, the reverberations off seemingly extraneous details (in images, in descriptions, in settings) to construct multi-faceted individuals. Readers who have

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Charlotte Rogan’s Now and Again (2016)


In an interview about her bestselling debut, The Lifeboat, Charlotte Rogan states: "The best writing opens a person’s mind rather than closing it." Little, Brown and Co, 2016 Readers of Now and Again should pay attention, because her second novel is over 400 pages long and it is

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Megan Abbott’s The Fever (2014)


Paradoxically, the phenomenon in The Fever has a chilling effect on characters and readers alike. The girls fall to the ground, one after the next; they writhe and tensions rise but blood is chilled. Little Brown & Company, 2014 “As Deenie walked out, a coolness began to sink

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